Hydrographic processing Software
D&E provides the user-friendly Hydrographic processing Software such as Kongsberg Maritime, Caris, IVS3D, QTC, QPS, Hypack, Triton, Ixsea software.... for all types of marine navigation, positioning and surveying activities to commercial, academic and military clients. Our clients can use the software to interact with massive geographical datasets of numerous data types for ocean mapping and land based projects. D&E is offered the Hydrographic processing Software that cover the entire survey process from survey route planning, data acquisition, volume calculations, data post processing, data analysis, data cleaning and replay, to chart production, 2D/3D visualization and full dredging function.
Hydroacoustics and underwater system
D&E is a market leader of Hydroacoustics and underwater system in our territory. We have lots of experiences in this filed and have the honor to be the reputed agent or distributors such as Kongsberg Maritime(Norway), Simrad(Norway), EdgeTech(USA), Ixsea(French), Applied Microsystems(Canada). D&E provides innovative & reliable solutions and the high level equipment to meet the needs of shipping, offshore, subsea, navy, coastal marine and fisheries, maritime training, port and harbour surveillance, such as Multibeam Sounder、Single beam Sounder、Scientific Echo Sounder、Side Scan Sonar、Sub-Bottom Profiler、Sound Velocity Profiler、CTD Profiler、ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)、 HPR (Underwater Acoustic Position Reference System )、Underwater Camera System、MRU (Motion Sensor)、Image Sonar 、L1/L2 RTK or LRK DGPS (centi-meter) and L1 DGPS (Sub-meter) Position System.
Satellite Electronics & Communication Marine Navigation
In the Satellite Electronics & Communication field, D&E provides quickest, flexible, simple, instant and affordable communication solution to customer, such as INMARSAT F77, F55, F33, Mini-M Marine Satellite phone, Global Iridium Satellite phone and Regional ACeS satellite phone which offer fully digital voice, data and fax services, even customers in the areas where mountain, forest, sea, city or rural area. With over 26 years, D&E always provides high quality products such as the Kongsberg, Simrad, Thrane&Trane, CLS (Argos) Marine Navigational equipment, VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) system (INM-C), GMDSS system, AIS system, Autopilot, Gyrocompass, Radar, VHF, SSB (MF/HF), GPS Compass, GPS Chart/Plotter … for the needs of merchant marine vessels, fishery or hydro survey vessels operating worldwide.



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